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Sea of Beauty Gift Guide

Pamper a Loved One this Holiday Season with Sea of Beauty

When it comes to the holidays, gifting can be a challenge. We all have those relatives who make it nearly impossible to buy gifts for, no matter how hard you press them for a list. Instead of purchasing holiday gifts that will likely never be used, give your loved ones the gift of some much needed rest and relaxation.

Sea of Beauty Med Spa offers a variety of spa treatments that will surely have your friends and family feeling refreshed well into the new year. We’ve created our holiday gift guide to help make this season’s gifting experience that much easier.

Is Your Face Ready for the Holiday Party Season?

There’s no better time than the holidays to brighten up your skin. Whether you’re looking to reduce the appearance of dehydrated skin or exfoliate your pores for a younger complexion, Sea of Beauty’s facial options will have you and your loved ones glowing brighter than the star on the tree.

We offer four different facial treatment options, including:

Each treatment is specific to your needs, so regardless of your skin health, Sea of Beauty can get you back on track. Your loved ones will surely appreciate the gift of facial rejuvenation, especially after the hectic holidays.


A HydraFacial can cleanse, exfoliate, extract, and hydrate all in one. This system removes dead skin and impurities to help improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and oily, congested skin.

Laser Photo Facials

Laser Photo Facials are laser light treatments used to target pigment issues such as age spots and sun damage, while increasing collagen production. This facial can reverse the signs of aging—just in time to watch the ball drop with friends.

Dermalogica Facials

Our customizable Dermalogica facials are a luxurious anti-aging treatment that lifts and firms your skin to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. This signature facial uses 24k gold to provide you and your loved ones with the ultimate anti-aging secret.

Hollywood Facials

Feel like you just stepped onto the red carpet with Sea of Beauty’s Hollywood Facial. Designed to revitalize the appearance of aging, dry skin, this advanced laser treatment uses exfoliation to increase your facial hydration.

‘Tis the Season for Body Confidence

We’re all guilty of indulging in too many sweets during the holiday season, often resulting in not feeling confident about how we look in our holiday attire. With Sea of Beauty’s fat-eliminating procedures, your friends and family can gain back their body confidence and love their bodies once again.

Sea of Beauty offers:

It’s the time of year when body goals are being evaluated and the chaotic plethora of food from the holidays starts to weigh us down. Provide your loved ones with the opportunity to feel great in their skin, ringing in the new year with a body-positive attitude.

Body Contouring

Body contouring is a noninvasive procedure designed to increase collagen while shrinking the volume of fat cells. This procedure can tighten skin, improve cellulite, and reduce areas of excess fat on the neck, face, and body.

Laser Lipo

If you have a loved one looking to lose inches off their waist or tone their underarms in a short amount of time, the gift of laser lipo is the solution. Laser lipo is a noninvasive form of liposuction that reduces stubborn fat without harming the skin or surrounding areas.

Experience Comfort & Joy With Smooth Skin

With colder temperatures comes more frequent spurts of goosebumps, and with goosebumps comes quickly growing stubble—no one wants to experience unwanted body hair during the festive season. Whether your loved ones plan to sing carols beachside or the family holiday card requires top-notch grooming, Sea of Beauty’s laser hair reduction treatment could be the gift you never thought of.

Our laser hair reduction treatment uses a concentrated laster to target and destroy hair follicles. Your special someone will no longer have to spend an extra 20 minutes in the shower, ensuring their legs are perfectly smooth. Instead, give them the gift of saving time and money with laser hair reduction.

Holiday Gifting with Sea of Beauty

Don’t let the stress of the holidays leave you questioning what to purchase your loved one. Let Sea of Beauty Med Spa take care of all your gifting needs. Your loved ones will surely cherish a thoughtful gift with their rest and relaxation in mind. Take advantage of our wide range of amenities and schedule your loved ones’ appointments today.

Pamper a Loved One This Holiday Season!

Sea of Beauty Med Spa enjoys being the center of all your relaxation needs. Our friendly staff will treat you and your loved ones to a holiday treatment your body will thank you for. Visit our website for a full list of services, or call us at (480) 444-6829 to make an appointment today!